Which areas do you cover?

We have the ability to usually buy anywhere in the UK. Distance is not a problem for us and we can help you if you need to sell FAST for CASH.

What will it cost me?

In a word, NOTHING! We pay your legal fees (up to a max of £500) and you are welcome to use your own solicitor or one recommended by us – either way we pay. Additionally there are no surveyors fees to pay as we arrange that. A consultation with us is free and you are under no pressure to commit. We offer a friendly professional service and always respond promptly to enquiries. We do not levy any hidden charges and when we say our valuations are free and without obligation, they absolutely are!

How much will you pay for my house?

We prefer to be open, honest and upfront regarding this and we will offer you a reasonable ‘trade’ price and obviously that depends on the condition and the area of your property. With our fast hassle free method, we normally bid between 80%-85% of the open market value of your property. We aim to offer a fast-track alternative and a solution that suits all. Any offer we make would be below an estate agency valuation however, it would be a fair and realistic price based on an immediate sale. Additionally it’s a price we’re ready to pay you NOW and if you accept, you know that you have a guaranteed sale so that you can move on.

Do you buy properties in any condition?

Yes. We buy all kinds of residential properties in any condition and in any area. We consider all types of property so call now for a free appraisal.

How can Quick Completion move so fast?

We have excellent financial backing and have the funding to proceed straight away. We do not delay the process by waiting for mortgage offers like traditional residential buyers. We have a team of surveyors, brokers, solicitors and valuers working with us and who are highly specialised in the house buying process so there is no delay. Because we are not part of a chain, we can offer a great deal of flexibility as to when contracts are exchanged and the sale completed and can usually fit in with any specific timescale that you may wish to work to.

It is possible in some cases to complete the whole sale from offer to completion within 7 days although 4 weeks is more usual. As there are additional risks and complications involved for us in a 7 day completion, the offer price is usually amended to reflect this.

What’s the catch?

No catch at all! For any property sale there is a trade-off between price and time as selling property is the least liquid form of all wealth! An estate agent could value your property highly, but this price could take 6 months or more to achieve and even then it’s not guaranteed due to broken chains, mortgage refusal, change of heart and timewasters. Any offer we make will be below an estate agency valuation but would be a fair and realistic price based on an immediate sale and a price we will pay you NOW.

Will anybody know of the sale?

No, we operate on a strictly confidential basis. No disinterested parties will know of the sale and we do not put up a ‘FOR SALE’ or ‘SOLD’ board.

What guarantees can you give me?

Unlike an offer received through normal channels, once we have made an offer and you have accepted, barring problems with the contract, structural issues or local searches, your sale is effectively guaranteed. We will not change our minds, or pull out at the last minute, nor will we try to change the price agreed or haggle over fixtures and fittings. We will do our utmost to complete the sale in the timescale agreed and at the price accepted by you.

What do you do with the property once you have bought it?

Each property is appraised and treated on a case-by-case basis. Some properties are retained for our investment portfolio, others are renovated for resale, or just simply resold.

Is there any small print or hidden catches?

No. We deal in an open way and are driven to give you what you want in terms of a sale that suits you. You receive prompt payment and the ability to move on in your life.

I have a friend who wishes to sell, what shall I do?

If you know of anyone who can benefit from our services and we effectively buy their home, we will reward you with a very generous finder’s fee for your time. So if you want to increase your income contact us now.